Thursday 16 November 2023

"Like a Woodpecker with no Trees"

Great Spotted Woodpecker
unusual sight on the Twitching Tree

 I know providing tree sculptures for birds is an important habitat and safety and hunting structure for migrant birds. The Great Spotted Woodpecker is an odd and uncommon sight on treeless Fair Isle. The lost bird seemed very happy to find some driftwood wired together in tree form. Perched in the tree the large Woodpecker oversaw and dominated the comings and goings of the resident Starlings & House Sparrows at the nearby peanut feeders. it was fun to watch the woodpecker try to scare & stop the resident birds from both feeders when it really could only control one at a time.

Hiding on the backside while I was trying to get a photo.
Starling above,

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