Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Ruby Throated Hummingbird - Archilochus colubris

I took my stick on vacation to the USA.... these photos were taken at Cotton Lake, Minnesota.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Birds on a Stick - Photographic Documentation Slideshow


Wood Warbler

Do you know ART when you see it?

Not at first, maybe I had been a bit blinded by continued making of more traditional paintings & sculpture, but I quickly recognised that I was using the processes of art that come naturally to me. So similar to the environmental sight specific art I had done when I was young and in university, etc. The overall concepts and connections are so much stronger now. Man's interaction with nature has always been a favourite art subject of mine. The "Stick" is a found object that facilitates my interaction with nature & wildlife. The place where the viewer and wildlife interact becoming a common reference point unifying and a constant through out the work. The Birds photographed range from common residences to scarce or rare migrant species. As any sculptor will take a raw material and transcend it into a object of beauty, power and worth, I now value the "stick" much more than many paintings I have made, as it is now invested with experiences and documentation while also serving a function. The once insignificant piece of driftwood I now look upon as a icon of surprising possibilities with wildlife. It is the same for my original Twitching Trees, artistically the interaction between nature, the sculpture and the viewer is conceptually so strong with these works. It is natural for an artist interests to become a theme with in the framework of ones art. Disregard one photo of a bird or the stick alone as art. Collectively the framework of the Stick, the documentation in photographs & my experiences with nature have created something I am proud call a work of art.

Play Slideshow, to be exhibited with "Stick" and other documentation.

I make this art for myself and the birds. I like to share it here with you now. My blog as the gallery. I hope for "The Stick" to be taken off Fair Isle and exhibited in a contemporary art setting with supporting photos and documentation. This might be quite an interesting arts event referencing the interaction between man & nature. . I will be taking "The Stick" to America over the Summer and hope to add new species and dimensions to the on going work. Plus thinking of the possibilities of adding new potential species & locations to the work excites me personally & artistically. 

What about the viewer at said exhibition? Did they have a chance to witness and participate by logging in or listing a wildlife sighting while at the show? What would they take with them upon leaving the exhibit?  Maybe it's just a little conversion over lunch? Maybe it would inspire someone to take a photo or to look, enjoy and feed wildlife? Could it possibly reinforce the awareness of the importance of trees in any environment and the symbiotic relationship they provide? Would one person sarcastically say "I could do that?" then build their own... unconsciously interacting with nature more closely? Maybe someone would never be able to look at a random stick the the same way again? "Everyone interprets art differently, which is ironic because we look to art to see how others view our world."

Male Rosefinch on the "Stick"