Monday, 29 December 2014

November 2014

A Starling on a Twitching Tree.


October Highlights 2014

Blackcaps - Male & Female
Oct. 10th

House Sparrows - Oct 1st

Sleeping Juvenile Rose-Coloured Starling. Oct 3rd

 I first saw it sitting on the stick... by the time I got my camera it found shelter in my window box and started to take a nap. Sadly, I never did get a photo of it on the stick. So it's not a full record.

Blackcap - male

Starling & Female Blackcap

September Highlights 2014

Willow Warbler & Twite sharing a Stick by the pond.
 Sept. 19th

Pied Flycatcher on Twitching Tree. Sept. 3rd

House Sparrows. Sept. 5th

House Sparrows. Sept. 10th

Meadow Pipit on a fallen Twitching Tree. Sept. 19th

Twite on Twitching Tree. Sept. 22nd

A new  "Stick" found on the South Harbour beach - Fair Isle.

The New Stick was given to Klaus & Gaby to take back to their home in Germany. Sept. 30th.
Once there they will collaborate with my Twitching Trees environmental arts project.
They should start sending photos of bird upon it soon.

Update for June, July & August 2014

Not much of note over the Summer months...

White Wagtail & Meadow Pipit on a Twitching Tree.
August 7th

Sunday, 28 December 2014

May Highlights 2014 - Reed Bunting

Reed Bunting Emberiza schoeniclus
May 10th
Reed Bunting was a first for my "Stick" unfortunately it didn't come back after I cleaned the window.

That moment when the camera focuses on the salty window and then the Reed Bunting flies away...

Redpoll - sort of cool I took this photograph using red colour select in my camera.

Redpoll - May 10th

Twite on the Stick.
May 6th.