Sunday, 9 March 2014

Feburary Nature Lovers

A Starling... 
Just the regular winter resident birds in February. 
This photo was taken between wild gales as the sun broke through the clouds. The weather has made havoc on my Twitching Tree sculptures this winter, some broken or blown over, all needing to be repaired, (spruced up) or to be reworked. A sign of a hopeful Spring, I did see a pair of Fair Isle Wrens, one singing in the tree pictured above. With no new birds around and as bad as the wild winds and raging seas are here in Winter, Winter is an important time for finding the raw material I need, drift wood. I have to be diligently searching the beaches as other islander are using driftwood to supplement their peat and coal fuel supplies. Some islander think I'm silly, while I think it's a shame that some nice natural wood I would of loved to found first is cut up and burned. Oh well, you can't have it all... I'm still looking and now have a growing stock pile of newly found wood and have plans to make a few new Twitching Trees before bird migration starts. 

A Coot! and a old Coot.
 A uncommon bird on Fair Isle this one was in my garden pond, sadly not a bird found in trees.

I would also like to share this Valentine's Day video about one of my other on going photography projects.
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